History Of Tribal Connect
Tribal Connect is a registered, India based, non-governmental and non-profit organization, which is concerned with the present plight of the aboriginal communities and works hard to protect them from social discrimination and gradual extinction as well. we recently got it's recognition in November, 2020 but the journey of thousand miles has started long ago. The trustee and founder of Tribal Connect Community Mrs. Ananya Paul Dodmani has fought alone for almost 20 years for the rights and existence of the unheard voices of the marginalized people.

History Picture

She has worked with a lot of MNCs and collaborated with non-profit organizations to bring a certain change among these invisible communities. She has initiated a lot of projects like Project Annapoorna, Project Wings, Project Womb, and has helped thousands of people with basics like food, clothes and medical support during their extreme crisis.

She has also touched the lives of almost almost 80 thousand tribal women through several workshops like "Sustainable menstrual Hygiene" and has made them aware of sanitation and self care by donating sanitary pads & masks for absolutely free of cost all over India.The health and education of the indigenous children is a large part of her projects and therefore She started the Project Gyan with an intention to build a chain of 10 libraries across northeastern indigenous villages. A lot of tribal families also got her helping hand through their hard times of pandemic. While working constantly in several remote places she often felt the need to be more focused on these special groups of people who are deprived of all sorts of conveniences and therefore she made up her mind to establish the foundation, Tribal Connect to bring those back who are secluded from civilization. We have further planned to take it forward and start pilot projects such as smart tribal villages, introduction of smart schools, smart learning kits, solar intervention, digitized banks and ATMs to take these underprivileged groups a step ahead in the world of digitalisation.

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