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My Story

I was born in a small tribal town, Lumding, Assam.

Right from my childhood, I always wanted to contribute to the development of tribal communities. I used to spend most of my time with tribal people listening to the beautiful tribal folktales & learning more about their hardships and work.

One day, when I was in 8th grade, I saw my caretaker getting exploited by the shopkeeper just because she wasn’t aware about the difference between Rs.10 & Rs.20 notes.

Witnessing that, I started teaching young tribal kids three basics - how to write their name, knowledge about Indian currency & the signs and billboards hanging on stations and this became the toehold of my perpetual journey as a Tribal Right Activist.

I’m also a Criminal Psychologist as well & always train and encourage tribal people to work for the good & constitutional causes.

I'm KARAMAVEER CHAKRA awardee and have built community halls, libraries, schools, shelters, toilets for tribal communities betterment. Apart from this, I’m a Sustainable Menstrual Warrior and have reached over 60000 tribal women across India with the Sustainable Menstrual Program & taught them to prepare biodegradable pads free of cost to allow distressed tribal women earn their living.

I will continue to work for the upliftment of the role of indegenious communities in the society and I won’t stop until they live the life they deserve, come what may!

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